VIRO-IMMUN Labor-Diagnostika GmbH:

Competence and experiences

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VIRO-IMMUN Labor-Diagnostika GmbH, domiciled in Oberursel close to Frankfurt, is one of the leading German producers of ELISAs, IFAs and Western Blots. Our product range covers the most common parameters for the detection of infectious and autoimmune diseases.

The proprietary production of antigens, conjugates and solutions safeguard independence and outstanding quality of our diagnostic reagents. This vertical integration results in a very favourable cost and pricing proposition too, particularly for bulk products. For this VIRO-IMMUN can look back on 25 years of successful experience, a stable customer base and long-lasting client relationships.

Key to our success are intensive and very careful quality controls especially regarding diagnostic quality, user friendliness and economic efficiency. All of our kits are CE-marked, they meet the highest requirements towards diagnostic excellence and their quality is regularly attested by independent WHO approved authorities and EQA-schemes.

Customer proximity and feedback are key to our continuous improvement initiatives. Therefore, we highly appreciate customer feedback concerning our products and services - hence inquiries, remarks and suggestions from users are very welcome and treated with utmost attention.