VIRO-IMMUN Labor-Diagnostika GmbH is the diagnostic specialist for infectious and autoimmune diseases and one of the leading German producers of ELISAs, IFAs and Western Blot kits. We develop and produce diagnostics for the serological diagnosis of viral, bacterial and mycotic infections and autoimmune diseases. VIRO-IMMUN is known for superior diagnostic solutions at an unmatched price-value-relation. Hence key to our success over 25 years is the proprietary production of antigens, conjugates and other reagents combined with the utmost adaption of our kits to specific customer/distributor/OEM specifications.

Our innovative products are well established in the market and scientific community, even if they are predominantly not marketed under the VIRO-IMMUN label but under well-known international OEM and their respective brand names. All of our IVD kits and reagents are CE-marked. They meet the highest requirements towards diagnostic excellence and their outstanding quality is regularly attested by independent WHO approved authorities and external QA-schemes.


Thus, VIRO-IMMUN stands for:
Superior ELISA, IFAs and Western Blots.
Proprietary. Customized. Recognized.

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